From spatialised sound to augmented reality overlays, emerging technologies give developers, creatives and performers new ways to blend physical and virtual worlds. However, to fulfil their potential in terms of use, design and implementation, we need to explore immersive experiences from multiple perspectives and in different domains.

While significant investment is being made in a range of platforms to deliver immersive experiences, we want to enable bold, interdisciplinary thinking around future content, tools, services and applications. If the potential of immersion is to be fully realised in new markets and emergent forms of cultural experience, bridges between arts and digital technology, marketplace and research, need to be built.

Learn about each of the immersion prototypes

Download the Publication by Mark Leaver
Stories from an emerging market

Immersion fellows
Anthony Head
Anthony Rowe
Aste Amundsen
Ben Dunks
Ben Kreukniet
Coral Manton
David Paton
Dom Brown
Duncan Speakman
Ellie Ripley
Hannah Wood
Harmeet Chagger-Khan
Harry Willmott
Jane Gauntlett
Jane Grant
Julia Scott-Stevenson
Katie Goode
Louisa Adjoa Parker
Luke Reed
Mitch Turnbull
Neil Harris
Norah Lorway
Nwando Ebizie
Rowan James
Sharon Clark
Vincent Baidoo-Lowe
Immersion prototypes
VIKA Books
Mitch Turnbull
Realtime Stagemaker Toolkit
Ben Dunks
Responsive Content Generation Tool / Technie Acceleration Tools
Triangular Pixels
Shared Pasts: Decoding Complexity
Coral Manton
Dr Nick Inoue & Rowan James
Immersion microgrants
coming soon
Immersion showcase

From ambient technologies, fulldome, projection mapping, sound, performance, VR, AR, mixed reality and beyond the SWCTN Immersion showcase looks to celebrate the brave, ethical and innovative uses of technologies developed through the Networks Prototype and Immersion Fellowship programme.

We invite you into a journey of immersion, smashing together deep thinking research and newly developed R&D prototypes to look beyond the constraints of the field to open up new language and approaches.

12th July 2019

A huge thank you
Explore Immersion – Afternoon Immersion Showcase Programme 12th July 2019
First Augmented Reality book to inspire British Sign Language launching 12 July 2019
Showcase Programme
Immersion blogs
Motion Capture for Measuring Change in Falls Prevention
The Breath of the Geologic – by David Paton
No Vantage Point
 Mitch Turnball & Earthsong A short interview
‘Immersing Audiences’ a podcast with Jane Gauntlett and Sharon Clark
Between Us 
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