Automation is changing the way we live. It is increasingly important within the creative industries as well as manufacturing, retail, financial services, and healthcare, to name just a few sectors. Automation could be seen as the ‘quiet’ revolution – working in the background to assist in creative processes, gradually transforming agriculture through robotics, or re-imagining how we search the internet.

We are looking for people to explore the frontiers of automation technology and its applications, to ask: What already exists? What’s new and what’s good in automation? Where are the gaps in the market? What are the challenges? What opportunities are out there? What are the possibilities?

Automation fellows
Alejandro Veliz Reyes
Anna Chatzimichali
Ben Crowther
Birgitte Aga
Chloe Meineck
Ciara Eastell
Edward Braund
Ellie Foreman
Guy Gadney
Joseph Wilk
Mollie Claypool
Natasha Kidd
Patrick Crogan
Polly Macpherson
Rachel Smith
Robert Dooley
Ron Herrema
Roop Johnstone
Rosie Brave
Ruby Jennings
Stephanie Campbell
Tariq Rashid
Thomas Duggan
Yanran Li
Automation prototypes

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Automation showcase
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Automation journal
Digital Wellness Festival 2019 Report
Automaton – The humane machine experiment
Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Support
Automation Fellows Round Up