The Southwest Creative Technology Podcast

The Southwest Creative Technology Podcast 

Produced by Harry Willmott and Lukus Robbins
Hosted by Harry Willmott

These 8 episodes will be released throughout 2019.
Keep an eye out for the links and I hope that you enjoy these conversations.

A podcast about the creative technology people and projects in the Southwest and beyond.

The Southwest Creative Technology Podcast wants to interview, enquire, discuss and learn about all the people, productions, projects or processes that are a part of the rapidly growing network of Creative Technology people in the Southwest and beyond. The podcast wants to meet and interview the various Fellows from the SWCTN research cohorts, learning from those in the industry, investigating with the academics and discovering with those new in their fields. We want to capture important moments from the prototyping stages of creative teams and investigate interesting insights into how the creatives working with technology passionately do what they do.

This podcast is hosted and produced by Harrison Willmott, New Talent Immersion Fellow in the SWCTN, which has funded some of the episodes and supported the production through the help of Lukus Robbins and Hannah Brady.

1. ‘Immersing Audiences’ with Jane Gauntlett and Sharon Clarke

Jane and Sharon have a conversation with us about their thoughts on immersing the audiences of their practice. Jane is a 360 video and magic leap experience artist focusing on telling personal stories based on her perspective and Sharon is the production lead for Raucous Theatre, a theatre company that specialises in immersive theatre.

2. ‘Mitch Turnball & Earthsong’ A short interview. 

I interviewed Mitch on a windy morning back in May, asking her about herself, her Earthsong prototype project and her advice for future applicants to the SWCTN’s prototype funding scheme.

3. ‘An afternoon with Squid Soup’

I spend an afternoon hanging out with the creative technologists, Liam and Anthony at Squid Soup along with their team of design students as they perform a major test for their prototype project.

4. ‘Immersive Talk’ with Dom Brown

I had a conversation with one of the New Talent Immersion Fellows, Dom Brown back in January where we had a really interesting conversation about his ideas around immersive experiences and the industry in general.

5. ‘Intimacy & Immersion’ with Chris Constantinou 

I interviewed Chris back in February where we discussed what we did while attending a conference about Scaling Intimacy and also experienced a ‘Binaural Dinner Date’. Myself and Christina are studying on the Virtual and Extended Realities Masters with UWE.

6. Renaissance motion tracking afternoon with Ben Dunks & Team

I spent an afternoon chatting to Ben and his creative team about their prototype and how they feel about how creative technologies are being used to radically improve lives.

7. Benjamin Walbrook Talks about his ideas

Benjamin talks to me about his desire to create a VR medium between artists and curators to help improve the understanding between them prior to establishing exhibitions and installations.

8. Interview with MNRSmith

Marcus Smith, a New Talent Immersion Fellow like myself, chats to me about his research during the fellowship and his exploration into using the affordances of immersive technologies to disrupt the conflict resolution and social justice industries.

If you’re working in any way creatively with technology, in the fields of immersion, automation or data, and want to chat to me about it on this podcast, get involved and email me via